Yonex Nanoray 6000I Badminton Racquet (Strung)

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The Yonex Nanoray 6000I Badminton Racquet is designed to increase swing speed, enabling players to deliver fast and powerful shots. With its aero frame and medium flex shaft, it provides greater racquet head stability, delivering a precise and efficient transfer of energy to the shuttle. This top-level racquet is perfect for competitive badminton players.

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This badminton racquet is designed for intermediate players. Yonex's badminton racquet has a number of characteristics. It is ergonomically designed and fits well in your hands. The racquet is stable and long-lasting due to its strong structure. Playing medium-level flexes is made easier thanks to the built-in isometric head shape. As it comes with a stylish storage bag, transporting it anyplace is simple. The shaft of a badminton racket is crucial in producing the high shuttlecock flying speed. The steel shafts on the racquets are standard. It strengthens and lightens the overall construction as a result.
The racquet handle's cover tape wrap does a good job of supporting it. It offers a comfortable grip and facilitates making stronger shots. How long the shuttlecock makes direct physical contact with the racquet depends in part on the string tension. The strong design of the racquet strings increases rigidity. It is enjoyable to play with and emits less vibration.


Brand : YONEX
Playing Level : Intermediate
Length : 28 in
Unstrung Weight : 85g
Material : Aluminium
Balance : Head Light
Flexibility : Medium
String Tension : 24 lbs
Head Shape : Isometric
Strung : Yes
Joint : Jointless

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