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Yonex Ezone 100SL 2022 Tennis Racquet (Unstrung)

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With the EZONE 100SL, Yonex places uncommon feel and exactness into a flexibility bundle. At just 270 grams unstrung, the 100SL should function admirably for the devoted fledgling who needs a racquet that will compensate and encourage improvement.
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It additionally has a lot of mass in the head. This not just gives it enough strength for the early middle of the road player hoping to produce more power, it gives the 100SL a brilliantly arm-accommodating feel. At net and on help restores the EZONE 100SL coasts into position with noteworthy speed, making it simpler for you to accomplish perfect and compelling contact with the ball. Eventually, with its light weight and high exactness, the 100SL is an undeniable decision for the tenderfoot who needs to ascend to the following level. It's likewise an extraordinary decision for the transitional player who needs convenience.


Vibration Dampening Mesh: To filter undesired vibrations, this mesh is coiled around the graphite. It enhances comfort and feel.

2G - Namd Speed: Carbon nanotubes are used to bind the graphite fibres, which reduces energy loss and improves snapback.

Oval Pressed Shaft: This design enhances spin, control and feel. At impact, the shaft flexes, reducing vibrations.


Head Size : 100 sq. in
Length : 27 inches
Strung Weight : 283 g
Unstrung Weight : 270 g
Balance : 1 pts HL
Swing Weight : 310
Stiffness : 67
Beam Width : 23.5mm / 26mm / 22mm
Composition : HM Graphite
String Pattern : 16 x 18
String Tension : 40-55 pounds
Made in Country : Japan

Size: G2 - 4 1/4

Size: G2 - 4 1/4

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