Yonex Ezone 100 2022 Tennis Racquet (Sky Blue, Unstrung)

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Since the start of the franchise more than ten years ago, the EZONE 100 has been a favourite of both fans and TW playtesters. The YONEX EZONE 100, which has user-friendly specifications, receives some minor but significant updates in its sixth generation. 

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YONEX has added a few new innovations to the frame, including M40X material to the neck and Vibration Dampening Mesh to the grip for a cleaner feel, even though the specifications are essentially the same. The Liner Tech Grommet and String System is also designed to lessen string friction and provide a more accommodating feel. These racquets have a long history with our playtesters, and they were happy with the improvement. They felt that the YONEX EZONE 100 had a soft, DR-like feel to it, which was a nice comeback. The playtesters gushed about the mix of power and control, easy depth, and superb manoeuvrability of the simple-to-use racquet, which excelled from every part of the court. All in all, the adaptable YONEX EZONE 100 is a must-try for intermediate to experienced players of all ages and playing preferences.


Playing Level : Professional
Swing Speed : Medium-Fast
Brand : YONEX
Length : 27 in (Standard)
Technology : Isometric
String Pattern : 16/19
Head Size : 645 sq. cm
Balance : 320 mm
Unstrung Weight : 300 g
Beam : 23.8/26.5/22.5 mm
Strung : No
Made In : Japan

Size: G2 - 4 1/4

Size: G2 - 4 1/4

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