Solinco Hyper G Tennis String Reel 16-G (1.30MM, 200M)

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Solinco Hyper-G is a square shaped co-poly with an impressive combination of spin and precision. The medium string allows big hitters to take a massive cut at the ball without having to worry about overhitting. It is meant for Topsin players who like hitting balls that dive sharply and explode off the court should love this string. It has a gauge of 16L and a length of 12.2m. It is made It is endorsed by Sam Querrey and Donald Young.
Product Details

Packaging : Reel (200m)
String Type : Monofilament
Playability : Durable, Power
Gauge : 16g
Color : Green
Material : Polyester
Coating : Silicone Coating

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