Head Team Backpack 21L (Black/Ceramic)

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 The TEAM BACKPACK 21L is the perfect companion for your weekend match or a casual hit with a friend. Its thoughtful design features a padded compartment that can accommodate up to two racquets, ensuring they stay protected during transport. The main compartment offers ample space for your other gear. With front and side pockets, accessing your smaller essentials like your phone is quick and convenient. The backpack straps are designed for comfort, allowing you to carry your belongings with ease. Plus, with a range of modern color options, you can find the style that suits you best. As part of HEAD's commitment to sustainability, the bag is packaged in a recycled plastic bag, and the hangtag is made from recycled paper, tied with hemp cord, showcasing their efforts to reduce plastic usage while delivering premium style and functionality.

Product Details

Accommodate Two Racquets: The Head Team Backpack features a specialized padded compartment designed to securely accommodate two racquets, providing optimal protection during transport. This dedicated section ensures that your racquets remain safe from potential damage caused by bumps or impacts while on the move. With its tailored design, the padded compartment offers a snug fit for your racquets, preventing any unnecessary shifting or jostling during transportation. Whether you're heading to practice sessions or tournaments, this backpack guarantees peace of mind knowing that your racquets are well-protected and readily accessible whenever you need them.

Main Storage Compartment: The main compartment of the Head Team Backpack boasts spaciousness and functionality, designed to accommodate all your essentials with ease. Featuring ample room for your gear, whether it be sports equipment, books, or electronic devices, this compartment ensures efficient organization and accessibility. With strategically placed pockets and compartment, it allows for tidy storage of smaller items like keys, wallets, or water bottles, enhancing convenience and usability. Crafted from durable materials, it guarantees long-lasting performance, while ergonomic design elements prioritize comfort during transport.

New Comfortable Straps: The Head Team Backpack now boasts newly upgraded backpack straps designed for enhanced comfort and durability. Crafted with premium materials and ergonomic design, these straps offer optimal weight distribution, reducing strain on the shoulders and back during long commutes or heavy loads. The adjustable features ensure a personalized fit for users of all sizes, while reinforced stitching adds longevity to the overall construction, promising reliable support for all your gear.

Recycled Paper and Plastic Bag: Hangtag crafted from recycled paper and adorned with a durable hemp cord, embodying sustainability from start to finish. Each hangtag is meticulously designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing style and functionality. To further our commitment to the planet, each bag is presented in a brand-new recycled plastic bag, ensuring that every aspect of our packaging reflects our dedication to sustainability.


Brand: HEAD
Bag Type: Backpack
Capacity: 21L
Material: Polyester
Size: 35 x 52 x 19 cm
Ideal For: Men and Women
Color: Black-Ceramic
Manufacturer: Head Sport GmbH
Packed By: Noah Sports

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