Head Speed Pro X Padel Racquet

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Modern Auxetic technology has enhanced the SPEED PRO X, giving it more power and a remarkable impact feel that makes it perfect for tournament and advanced players. This adaptable racquet is made for players that like a quick, diverse game so they can attack quickly and vary up their shots. The ideal balance between control and strength gives players the advantage they need to prevail. Superior control and performance are guaranteed by the see-through 12k carbon striking surface of the SPEED PRO X. This, together with its incredibly unique design, sets it apart as a great option for gamers looking for both functionality and flair.

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For enhanced feeling and touch, the new Soft Butt Cap is a key feature, adding to the racquet's overall superior playability. The fresh, premium look of the SPEED PRO X is further highlighted by its matt and glossy finish, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also speaks to its high-quality craftsmanship. Whether you're on the court for a casual game or a competitive match, the SPEED PRO X delivers a perfect balance of performance and elegance, making it a must-have for serious players.

AUXETIC CONSTRUCTION: Innovative Auxetic technology in padel racquets redefines performance by delivering increased power and a superior impact sensation. This cutting-edge material adapts its internal structure upon impact, providing a unique combination of stiffness and flexibility that enhances ball control and energy return. Players benefit from a more responsive racquet that not only amplifies their power shots but also offers a smoother, more precise feel, leading to an improved overall gameplay experience. The advanced Auxetic construction thus represents a significant leap forward in padel racquet technology, catering to both recreational players and professionals seeking to elevate their game.

POWER AND CONTROL: The Head Speed Pro Padel racquet is the perfect combination of power and control, tailored for advanced players seeking to elevate their game. Its innovative design incorporates a carbon that ensures exceptional durability and responsiveness, while the unique hitting surface enhances ball speed and precision. This balance allows players to deliver powerful shots without sacrificing the finesse required for strategic play, making it an ideal choice for those looking to dominate the court with a blend of force and accuracy.

12K CARBON SURFACE: The head padel racquet features a distinctive, see-through 12K carbon-hitting surface that sets it apart both visually and functionally. This advanced material configuration enhances control and performance, allowing for precise ball placement and a superior feel during play. The transparent nature of the carbon surface not only adds a unique aesthetic appeal but also offers insights into the racquet’s construction, highlighting its high-quality build and engineering. The 12K carbon weave provides an optimal blend of stiffness and flexibility, ensuring maximum energy transfer and responsiveness, making it ideal for players seeking a balance of power and accuracy in their game.

NEW SOFT BUTT CAP: The new Soft Butt Cap, designed for head padel racquets, significantly enhances the player's experience by improving the feeling and touch. This innovative addition provides a more comfortable grip, which translates into better control and precision during play. The advanced material used in the cap absorbs vibrations more effectively, reducing the strain on the player's hand and wrist. As a result, players can enjoy prolonged sessions without discomfort, maintaining consistent performance and enjoying a superior tactile connection with the racquet.


Brand: HEAD
Beam: 38 mm
Balance: 272 mm
Head Shape: Teardrop OS
Head Size: 465 sq. cm
padel weight: 375 g
Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: HEAD
Packed By: Noah Sports

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