Head Speed Pro Legend 2024 Tennis Racquet (Unstrung)

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What a great addition to the lineup the Head Speed Pro Legend seems to be! Given Novak Djokovic's support, a lot of tennis fans are likely to take notice. Serious players will love the low, laser-like trajectory and the classic 18x20 string pattern, especially those who enjoy driving the ball with accuracy. The somewhat softer feel and the change in unstrung balance introduced for 2024 seem like deliberate improvements that could further boost the racquet's performance. It sounds interesting to add Auxetic 2 to the layup, especially in the handle and yolk, as this should improve feel and responsiveness while playing. Already well known for its capacity to strengthen racquet frames, graphene inside technology offers stability and power. Players can anticipate a good hitting experience with the Speed Pro Legend thanks to this innovation, which enables them to securely redirect heavy pace and produce accurate shots.

With everything considered, the Speed Pro Legend seems to be designed for players with experience who want the best feel and unmatched targeting on the court. Naturally, the elegant black cosmetic rounds off an already outstanding product.

Product Details

AUXETIC 2.0: The Head Speed Pro Legend tennis racquet incorporates Auxetic 2.0 technology, a cutting-edge innovation designed to enhance the playing experience by improving racquet performance. This advanced material construction allows the racquet to exhibit a unique deformation property when under stress, leading to a more responsive and adaptive string bed. As a result, players experience increased power, a more significant sweet spot, and enhanced feedback on ball impact, offering superior control and precision. The integration of Auxetic 2.0 ensures that the Speed MP Legend not only meets the high demands of professional players but also provides a competitive edge by maximizing efficiency in energy transfer and shot accuracy.

GRAPHENE INSIDE: Graphene is a revolutionary material that enhances the structural integrity of the racquet, providing superior energy transfer from the player to the ball. This technology strategically places Graphene around the racquet's frame to strengthen key areas, particularly at the 3, 9, and 12 o'clock positions. The inclusion of Spiralfibers in the Graphene technology marks a significant innovation. These fibers are strategically embedded into the racquet's frame, particularly in the lower portion. The Head Speed MP Legend is meticulously designed to offer a balanced blend of power, precision, and comfort, catering to the diverse needs of competitive players. Its integration of Graphene technology, combining the stability and power of Graphene with the innovative Spiralfibers for enhanced flexibility and feel, makes it a standout choice.

DIRECTIONAL DRILLING: Directional drilling in a Head Speed Pro Legend tennis racquet involves strategically angling the grommet holes to optimize string bed performance and enhance overall racquet dynamics. This technique aligns the strings in a way that maximizes sweet spot size, improves string movement, and provides a more responsive and comfortable hitting experience. By directing the strings more effectively, players can achieve better control, increased power, and improved feel on each shot. The precision in grommet placement not only boosts the racquet's performance but also contributes to its durability by reducing stress on the strings during play. Directional drilling is a sophisticated engineering feat that significantly boosts the functionality and longevity of the Head Speed MP tennis racquet, providing players with a superior on-court experience.

POWER GROMMETS: The Head Speed Legend tennis racquet features advanced power grommets designed to enhance its performance. These grommets are strategically positioned to allow for greater string movement, resulting in an enlarged sweet spot and increased power on every shot. By reducing friction between the strings and the frame, the power grommets contribute to a smoother and more responsive feel, enabling players to achieve more powerful and precise strokes. This innovative design not only boosts power but also enhances the overall playability and comfort of the racquet, making it a top choice for competitive players seeking an edge in their game.

SPEED PATTERN: Experience the pinnacle of performance with the Head Speed Legend series tennis racquets, engineered with a specialized speed string pattern that delivers an impeccable blend of power and control. Crafted to empower players with unrivaled precision and explosive shot-making ability, these racquets redefine the game with their cutting-edge design. Whether unleashing blistering serves or executing pinpoint groundstrokes, the innovative speed string pattern optimizes every aspect of play, offering players the ultimate advantage on the court. Elevate your game to legendary status with the Head Speed Legend series, where power meets precision for unparalleled performance.


Playing Level: Professional
Brand: HEAD
Technology: Auxetic 2.0
String Pattern: 18/20
Head Size: 100 sq. in
Balance: 310 mm
Unstrung Weight: 310 g
Beam: 23 mm
Strung: No
Cover: Full Cover
Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: Head Sport GmbH
Packed By: Noah Sports

Grip Size: G2 - 4 1/4

Grip Size: G2 - 4 1/4

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