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Head Speed Pro 2022 Tennis Racquet (Unstrung)

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With the addition of the new Auxetic structure, the Speed Pro, which was designed for speed and a quick swing, now has an even more amazing feel. This racquet, which is a part of the Speed line, is made for advanced tournament players who need the best control for their fast-paced games. A new, stylish, asymmetrical design with a matte and glossy finish and chrome accents is part of the revamp.
Product Details

Playability: Professional tennis players can enjoy a fantastic feel and manageable power with this men’s and women’s tennis racquet.

Wider Cross-Strings with an Open 18×20 string pattern are used for more Power and Spin.

Specifications: Weight: 310 grammes, string configuration: 18/20, head size: 100 square inches (645 square centimetres), balance: head light, length: 27 inches, beam: 23 millimetres, playing level: professional.

Auxetic: When compared to non-Auxetic constructs, auxetic constructions exhibit a distinctive deformation. Auxetic constructions broaden when a “pull” force is applied and contract when squeezed because of internal characteristics. The Auxetic reaction increases as applied force increases.

Inside: Most of our racquets contain Graphene, which is placed strategically to reinforce the frame, increase stability, and improve energy transfer from racquet to ball. Make sure that your racquet has graphene inside when you purchase it.

Power Grommets: For more power, the power grommets have been enlarged to allow for maximum string movement.

Drilling in a specific direction: Drilling in a specific direction combines greater force and a sweetspot to produce a plush impact experience.

Speed Pattern: A unique speed string pattern offers the ideal balance of power with control.

Swingspeed and power are maximised by the Speed Beam’s aerodynamic cross-section.


Playing Level : Advanced
Brand : HEAD
Length : 27 in (Standard)
Grip Size : G3 (4 3/8)
Technology : Auxetic
String Pattern : 18/20
Head Size : 645 sq. cm
Balance : 315 mm
Unstrung Weight : 310 g
Beam : 23 mm
Strung : No
Cover : Full Cover
Manufacturer : HEAD
Country of Origin : China

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