Head Spark Elite v1 Pickleball Paddle

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For players who want to be precise and elegant on the court, the HEAD Spark Elite V1 Pickleball Paddle is an excellent option since it strikes the ideal balance between power and control. This paddle is made with premium materials and an inventive design. Its sensitive polymer core minimises vibrations and improves ball control, making every shot seem effortless and in control.

The HEAD Spark Elite V1 is the ultimate companion for dominating the pickleball court with style and confidence.

Product Details

The HEAD Spark Elite V1, which was created with player performance in mind, has a lightweight, sturdy design that offers the ideal balance of stability and manoeuvrability. Players can retain a tight grasp on the paddle during furious rallies without sacrificing agility thanks to its ergonomic grip, which provides the perfect balance of comfort and precision. This paddle will turn heads on the court with its eye-catching design and cutting-edge technology, enabling players to reach their maximum potential and win with every swing. With the HEAD Spark Elite V1 Pickleball Paddle, you can play pickleball like never before—power meets precision for an unmatched experience.

OPTIMISED TUBULAR CORE: The Head Spark Elite v1 pickleball paddle stands out with its Optimised Tubular Core, a design innovation that enhances the player's experience on the court. This feature offers a perfect equilibrium between responsiveness and touch, providing players with an exceptional feel during gameplay. With this paddle, players can achieve superior control over their shots, leading to a more enjoyable and fulfilling playing experience.

LIGHTWEIGHT: The HEAD Spark Elite V1 Pickleball Paddle boasts a remarkably lightweight design that enhances maneuverability and responsiveness on the court. Crafted with precision using advanced materials, this paddle strikes the perfect balance between power and control, making it an ideal choice for players seeking agility and finesse in their gameplay. Its lightweight construction not only reduces fatigue during long matches but also allows for swift, precise swings, enabling players to react swiftly to fast-paced rallies and execute intricate shots with ease. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a casual player, the HEAD Spark Elite V1 promises an exhilarating pickleball experience characterized by unparalleled speed and agility.

ERGONOMIC GRIP: The Head Spark Elite V1 pickleball paddle boasts an ergonomic grip designed for optimal comfort and control during gameplay. Crafted with player experience in mind, the paddle's ergonomic grip ensures a natural and secure hold, reducing strain on the hand and wrist even during intense rallies. This feature enhances overall performance by allowing players to maintain a firm grip on the paddle without sacrificing comfort or maneuverability. Whether executing powerful shots or finesse plays, the ergonomic grip of the Head Spark Elite V1 contributes to a satisfying and effective pickleball experience, making it a favored choice among players seeking both performance and comfort on the court.


Playing Level: Intermediate
Brand: HEAD
Length: 16 in
Padel weight: 230 g
Grip Size: 4 1/4
Thickness: 13 mm
Manufacturer: Head Sport GmbH
Packed By: Noah Sports

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