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Head Hawk Touch Tennis String Reel

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When you put Hawk Touch Tennis strings on your racquet, you better already have things under full control. 
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The innovative Crystal Core Technology, a manufacturing process that allows to influence each string's individual balance between power and control, the Hawk Touch monofilament string features a bigger crystalline inner core responsible for providing ultimate control to your game. Designed for high-level Tour and tournament players, the string's elasticity allows for accurate feedback and exquisite feel so you can follow through with your versatile game and perfectly control every stroke.


Packaging: Reel (120m)
String Type: Monofilament
Playability: Power, Control
Material: Polyester
Coating: Monofilament
Gauge: 1.15 mm/19 g, 1.20 mm/18 g, 1.25 mm/17 g, 1.30 mm/16 g

Color: Red
Guage: 16G
Color: Red
Guage: 16G

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