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Head Gravity Pro 2022 Padel Racquet

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The GRAVITY PRO PADEL RACQUET effortlessly blends style and performance, transforming it into more than just equipment—it's a statement on the court. Boasting a modern and vibrant flip design, unique on each side, this racquet ensures that you not only play with precision but also make a striking impression. The revolutionary Auxetic construction takes your playing experience to new heights by not only enhancing the impact feel but also providing the comfort that seasoned players desire. The racquet's new round shape elevates your game, offering improved control and a larger sweet spot. This means you can confidently unleash powerful shots while maintaining pinpoint accuracy.

Product Details

AUXETIC: Auxetic is special, it expands when pulled and contracts when squeezed. The more force you apply, the more it reacts. It's a unique construction that sets it apart from the rest.
SMART BRIDGE: Meet the Smart Bridge, your racquet's personal touch. Whether it's about control, precision, power, or comfort, every racquet has its unique DNA. With the Smart Bridge, HEAD tailors the bridge area to match your racquet's specific needs. It's all about giving you the perfect feel on the court.
GRAPHENE INSIDE: Experience superior performance with Graphene Inside. Strategically placed in most of our racquets, Graphene strengthens the frame, enhances stability, and optimizes energy transfer from racquet to ball. When you choose your next racquet, make sure it comes with GRAPHENE INSIDE for unmatched quality and playability.
ANTI-SHOCK SKIN PADEL: HEAD's Anti-Shock technology safeguards your padel racquet from shocks and scratches, enhancing its durability and prolonging its lifespan.
EXTREME SPIN: The unique rough texture and circular design significantly boost spin on the ball.


Brand: HEAD
Beam: 38 mm
Balance: 270 mm
Head Shape: Round
Head Size: 498 sq. cm
Padel weight: 375 g
Playing Level: Advanced
Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: HEAD
Packed By: Noah Sports

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