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Dunlop Competition Single Dot Squash Ball

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The best squash ball for club players is the Dunlop Competition Squash Ball. In chilly temperatures, more experienced players also utilize this ball. The ball has 10% extra bounce but is about the same size as the Dunlop Pro Squash ball. As a result, you have a little bit more time to play the ball and it is a little bit simpler to continue a rally. Before use, the Dunlop Competitive Squash Ball needs to be warmed up.

Product Details


- Dunlop Single Yellow Dot Squash Ball.
- Perfect for the Club Squash Player.
- Outstanding Performance.
- 10% Longer Hang-Time.
- Standard Size Squash Ball.
- Unparalleled Durability and Playability.


Brand : DUNLOP
Type : Single Yellow Dot
Playing Level : Intermediate
Material : Rubber

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