Babolat Pro Tour 2.0 Overgrip (12 Grip Pack)

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Using an overgrip can help tennis players maintain a consistent and secure hold on their racquet, which is essential for control and performance. It also adds a layer of comfort and personal style to the racquet. Overgrips need to be replaced periodically, as they can wear out or lose their tackiness with use. Babolat introduces Pro Tour 2.0 for a better experience and hold over your racquet and game.

Product Details

Improve Grip: Pro Tour 2.0 makes it easier to hold the tennis racquet. This has a slightly sticky and comfy surface that makes it easier to grip the racquet handle, especially when it's hot and your hands are sweaty.

Sweat Absorption: This is made to soak up sweat, which helps to keep your hand dry and stops the racquet from slipping out of your hand.

Durability: Babolat Overgrips can help protect the original racquet grip from wear and tear, extending its lifespan.


Type: Overgrip
Color: White
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Manufacturer: BABOLAT
Packed By: Noah Sports

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