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Babolat Eagle Tennis Racquet (Blue/Black, Strung)

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Steal the victory will be so pleased with this racquet! A powerful yet lightweight aluminum frame makes it powerful and easy to manage. Large head sizes and the increased impact zone facilitate control of the blows. The Babolat Eagle racquet is an ideal racquet for novice tennis players. The racquet has an aluminum frame. This frame offers a good combination of stability, strength, and control. The large racquet head offers a larger sweet spot and a wider range so that you can hit every ball well. The racquet is mainly suitable for players who like to make powerful strokes.

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Lightweight: Aluminum is known for its lightweightness, which contributes to maneuverability and ease of handling. This makes it suitable for players who are still developing their skills or those who prefer a lighter racket for faster swings.

Stability: Stability in a tennis racquet refers to its ability to resist twisting or turning upon ball impact. A stable racquet helps maintain control and predictability during shots, especially off-center hits. When a racquet is stable, players experience fewer vibrations and torsional movement upon striking the ball. This stability is particularly beneficial in off-center hits, reducing the likelihood of mishits and providing better shot consistency.

Strength: Strength typically refers to the durability and structural integrity of the frame. A strong racquet can withstand the rigors of intense play without breaking or deforming. Strength is crucial for preventing racquet breakage during powerful shots or accidental impacts. A strong racquet is more reliable and durable, offering longevity and performance consistency.


Playing Level: Beginners
Length: 27 in (Standard)
Grip Size: G3 (4 3/8)
String Pattern: 16/19
Head Size:105 sq. in
Balance: 330 mm
Unstrung Weight: 275 g
Strung: Yes
Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: BABOLAT
Packed By: Noah Sports

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