Asics Gel Resolution 9 Tennis Shoes (Sapphire/Black)

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The Gel-Resolution 9 Tennis Shoe is designed for baseline players seeking stability and comfort. Dynawrap tech applies pressure for support during transitions, ensuring a secure fit. Dynawall extends into the heel, enhancing stability for lateral movements. The full-length outsole and separated heel aid in stable landings for swift recoveries between shots. The Gel-Resolution 9 Tennis Shoe incorporates a range of cutting-edge technologies and design elements to empower baseline players with unparalleled stability, cushioning, and agility on the court. 

Product Details

Whether executing lightning-fast transitions or engaging in intense lateral movements, this high-performance footwear ensures that players can maintain their competitive edge and control the game with confidence.

PGUARD: The PGUARD toe protector is an advanced feature designed to significantly enhance the durability and longevity of the outsole, specifically in the toe area. Crafted with innovative materials and engineering, this protective element acts as a shield against abrasion and impact, which are common causes of wear and tear in athletic footwear.

DYNAWRAP: The DYNAWRAP technology is engineered to optimize midfoot stability by effectively centering the foot on the shoe's platform. Through meticulous design and construction, this innovative feature provides a supportive framework around the midfoot region, ensuring a secure and locked-in feel for the wearer.

DYNAFIT: DYNAFIT technology is meticulously engineered to enhance the flexibility of athletic footwear, facilitating a more natural and responsive feel with each stride or movement. This innovative feature is achieved through a combination of design elements and materials carefully integrated into the shoe's construction.

Rearfoot and forefoot GEL: Rearfoot and forefoot GEL technology is an advanced cushioning system meticulously engineered to enhance impact absorption and provide a softer sensation upon foot strike. This innovative feature is strategically incorporated into the midsole of athletic footwear, offering targeted support and comfort to the wearer during various activities.

DYNAWALL: DYNAWALL is an advanced stability-enhancing technology meticulously engineered to provide optimal support and control during dynamic movements. This innovative feature is strategically integrated into the lateral side of athletic footwear, offering targeted reinforcement that helps stabilize the foot and ankle.


Brand: ASICS
Sole Material: Rubber
Outer Material: Synthetic
Ideal For: Men
Color: Sapphire/Black
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Manufacturer: ASICS
Packed By: Noah Sports

Size: UK7
Size: UK7

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