Asics Gel Dedicate 8 Tennis Shoes (Black/Tuna Blue)

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The GEL-DEDICATE 8 tennis shoe offers good stability and a flexible feel to keep your mind centered during the match.

This shoe's upper is constructed with synthetic leather overlays to improve support. They keep your feet locked-in when you're switching directions and chasing down challenging shots.

Product Details

GEL Cushioning Technology: The GEL Cushioning Technology is in the front part of the shoe, and it's super important because it helps absorb shocks when you're playing tennis. So, when you move sideways or stop suddenly, it makes your feet feel better, more comfortable, and less likely to get hurt.

Breathable Mesh Upper: The shoe's top part is made of a special airy mesh material. It's like a net that lets fresh air come in and hot air go out, keeping your feet cool and not too sweaty. This is really good when you're playing for a long time or practicing a lot. Synthetic Overlays: Asics added extra synthetic parts to the shoe in important places. These parts give more support and help to keep your feet steady when you're moving fast on the court, so you're less likely to trip or hurt yourself. Non-Marking

Outsole: The bottom of the GEL-Dedicate 8 shoe won't make any marks on the tennis court. This is important, especially when you're playing inside or on courts that are well taken care of because it helps keep the court looking nice and in good shape.


Brand: ASICS
Sole Material: Rubber
Outer Material: Synthetic
Ideal For: Men
Color: Black/Tuna Blue
Country of Origin: Cambodia
Manufacturer: ASICS
Packed By: Noah Sports

Size: UK9
Size: UK9

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