Shipping Policy utilizes the services of reputed courier service providers for offering shipping in India.
Noah Sports offers free shipping within India on all products offered. We pay for shipping, octroi and other taxes. You only pay the value of the ordered product.
We strive to ensure timely delivery of Domestic orders within India in 72 hours* to most of the cities.

Processing Your Order

We try our best to ship goods to you as soon as possible. On an average, it takes us about 24 hours to ship goods out of our warehouses across India. However, if the quantities ordered are more than it may take longer to process your order. Should this happen, we will keep you informed by email.
To calculate how much time, it will take you to receive your merchandize, please check delivery time for your pin code using “CHECK DELIVERY” option in the product details page.
Usually for most of the locations we offer 72-hour delivery*. Add the shipping times to the 24-hour order processing period. Items are only delivered on business days. Apart from Sundays, there are certain holidays throughout the year that are not considered as business days. Deliveries will not happen on these days.

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