Joma T.Master 1000 2202 White Men's Tennis Shoes

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The Joma Master 1000 Men 2202 men's shoe is the best option for newcomers or occasional players who want to play comfortably and effectively.

The ideal tennis shoes were developed and researched extensively by Joma. To make sure that their shoes work as well as possible on the court, they use cutting-edge technology.

Product Details

Durability: A technique that increases the durability of the sole by using high resistance rubber to reduce abrasion wear and prolong the lifespan of the shoe.

Exo Counter: A buttress at the heel for improved safety and increased stability.

Flexo: A flex system with grooves placed ergonomically on the sole to provide the best heel-to-toe transition with each step.

Glove System: A mounting system that creates a single component while lowering weight and improving comfort between the upper and midsole. The seams between the two pieces are flat and barely visible.

Later Protection: Lateral protection system that boosts the shoes' durability and resistance.

Stabilis: To prevent awkward rotation between the front and rear of the foot and thus increase stability, a piece of TPU placed in the narrowest area of the sole.

Size: UK11
Size: UK11

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