NCK son Vijay, twenty years old in 1960, had been actively supporting his father in business for many years, while also completing his graduation studies and then masters in Political Science.

The sports equipment manufacturing in India, by 1960, was established and “refugees” now flour-ished as the entrepreneurs of New India. Buyers from Europe, Australia and UK were frequent visitors to Jalandhar and the sports industry of Jalandhar was exporting all over the world.

NCK by now had made his name in the art of making footballs and volleyballs. Freewill had established itself as a burgeoning sports manufacturer in a resurgent India. However, what was missing was the existence of a stand alone brand (sports goods were sold under individual shop names) to finally mark the arrival of India in the sporting world. Recognising the opportunity and the potential, NCK set about to establish an Indian sports brand. The name had to be as inegnious and clever as Freewill.

He wrote down the initial two letter of his name “NI”(Nihal) and then the initial letter of his son’s name “ VI” (Vijay). By adding the fourth common letter “A”, he gave birth to the brand NIVIA.

The brand was registered for the first time in 1962.

In the meantime, Vijay got married to Sushil who was also from a refugee family of Sialkot, now settled in Meerut. She was the daughter of Mr. Jagdish Chand Verma, of Haveli Ram Verma and sons, raw material traders for the sports industry and later the distributors in India for Gosen strings from Japan.

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