Top 5 Tennis Balls – Updated 2022

In this blog I will be updating the top 5 most popular tennis ball’s of 2022.


Wilson Tour Premier is designed to meet the same specifications as the Wilson Australian Open. It is the same identical ball as the Wilson Australian Open, but the name has been changed to Tour Premier.
The Tour Premier ball is yellow in colour so that the golfer does not lose sight of the ball and can see it clearly. The ball’s fibre is one-of-a-kind and braided, providing outstanding consistency and playability. This ball may be used on any court surface, and Tour Premier can be utilised at both the club and tournament levels.

  • Accepted for aggressive ITF competition.
  • The ball has a fantastic feel owing to its weaved threads’ great stability and suppleness.
  • Used on all courts, even hard and caustic surfaces.
  • On clay courts and indoor surfaces, this shoe performs flawlessly.
  • Even on grass surfaces, it performs well.


This ball is primed for display: The HEAD TOUR ball was rigorously tested with numerous HEAD players to guarantee that it delivers the ideal balance of spin and control. The ball is also more durable than ever before thanks to Encore Technology, and SmartOptik Technology offers greater visibility at all times and on all surfaces. The HEAD TOUR ball, which comes in iconic packaging, is the ideal ball for the world’s largest courts, capable of withstanding the world’s toughest serves, forehands, and backhands.


The Team All Court ball is a pressurised high-performance ball that combines durability and comfort. It’s ideal for regular players searching for versatility, as Team All Court may also be used for tennis instruction.

  • DURABILITY: The ball is made more durable by the use of high-quality woven felt.
  • COMFORT: A core constructed of an unique rubber composition to provide excellent comfort upon impact.


The Slazenger Tourney ball was designed to provide both hobby and elite players with endurance and repeatability. This ball is appropriate for all court surfaces. Approved by the ITF.


For more than two years, the HEAD Tour XT was invented and rigorously studied — in both lab and on the court with professional tennis players. As a result, the ball seems to have a distinct feel and is easy to manage. The term XT is an approximation for Productivity and growth Feel! These spheres have been designed to be more playable on hard courts and quick clay surfaces. When the temperature rises, the touch becomes even softer.

HEAD uses Encore Technology, which increases durability by 33% and allows the balls to play like new for an extended period of time. While Smart Optik Technology improves visibility across all playing surfaces. Presented in classic packaging.

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